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My work has appeared in The Nation, The American Scholar, The Journal of the New Alchemists, The Naropa Institute Journal of Psychology, and other magazines.


"Old mystery, old magic. Perhaps the oldest spell of all: to dress in the raiment of another—animal, woman, spirit.”

In Quincy, Massachusetts, a young girl of Finnish and Irish descent loses her father under traumatic circumstances and sets out to learn what happened to him. Intuitive, naïve, implacable, Rose learns to read landscapes of the natural world and the human heart. She confronts history and its suppression. But it will take personal risk and imaginative reach to understand that she is part of a much larger story of immigrants to America. With edgy ordinariness, Fuller’s narrative gift describes secrets and tragedies, slowly revealing the riskier mythic underbelly of every good story. Joan Anderson’s illustrations evoke the enspirited worlds of characters ranging across the United States and Finland. Resurrecting a lost 19th century tradition, Quarry is a stunningly illustrated novel for adult readers of our time.

Quarry was awarded a starred Kirkus Review and selected as one of Best Indie Books of 2017.

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Hardback and paperback copies of Prayerwheels are no longer in print.  Individual poems will occasionally appear in the Field Observations section of the website and on my Facebook page, Meredith Ann Fuller, Author. Below is Psyche, a poem from the book. 


The old house makes promising sounds.
My ears strain.
But I know that when
the true ghost comes he will walk in

sure-footed, much thicker than fog,
with a purpose
that sweeps away
all expectations. There will be no

comparison between his voice
and a squeaking door.
No confusion
between branches and his fingers.

As for you, my guesses may be
swallowed up
like quarter moons
in clouds, but in the total blackness

you keep presenting me with rough
and feathery shapes
that have no names
my breath could curve itself around.

The Life of a Naturalist

The Journal of the New Alchemists published Meredith's article about the father of modern entomology, J. Henri Fabre.

Illustrated by Molly Bang.



Egolessness and the Borderline Experience

The Naropa Institute Journal of Psychology published Meredith's article that was part of her MA thesis in Buddhist and Western Psychology at Naropa Institute, in Boulder Colorado.