Field Observations

This is the place where you can find my observations on life in Nebraska and the universe.  Encounters. Walkabouts.  Sightings.  The surprises that come when we let ourselves be strangers in a strange land.  An every day migrant.  Looking and listening as if our lives depended on it.  Because they do.

The Assisted Living Beaver Lodge

Published Thursday, October 19, 2017

Have you noticed?
You don’t find animals standing around
with IV poles and morphine drips.
Taking a walk you do not stumble
upon a prone woodchuck
surrounded by Bach and family.

Something comes for them
preferably hungry and with good teeth.

Other than road kill
most of the bodies can’t be found
neither are they hidden
in a memory care unit.

In the end a compass won’t save you
from being profoundly lost
or shaken to death.

What do beavers hear when gnawing wood?
Sometimes I wish I had teeth so big
I couldn’t hear myself thinking.

Delight implies being surprised.
So does terror.

Far north
far north
the way the needle trembles
then points.

Kayaking the Boundary Waters
I felt the silence of beaver lodges
the happiness of knowing life is always going on
without me.